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Hannah Megan Jewellery


  • How long do I have to wait for my jewellery? 2-3 weeks always. All jewellery is handmade by myself, I am still a small business with no other staff members. All material orders/making/designing/packaging/posting/ admin, etc is all done by myself. 
  • Can I get it quicker if I haven't ordered in time? Yeah, you totally can, but I'll need an additional £10 to make it priority before other orders and quicker shipping. Please note, I hate doing this as it puts a lot of pressure on myself and can affect the quality of the final product. So please avoid doing this!
  • My ring is too small/too big, can you change it? Yes I can, there is a £10 fee to change the sizing (someone's mentioned before that this is a big fee to 'just' change the size, the reason I charge this amount is literally just to cover things like gas for my torch gun, solder (to solder your ring back together), pickle cleaning solution, polishing solution, and then a little to cover my time. If your ring has a stone in it, often the stones are delicate and can be damaged/cracked in the process (the stone must be removed to resize) so the cost for the stone will be added to the £10.
  • Can I collect my items instead of posting? Yes, please pop 'COLLECTION' in the discount code at the end of checkout this will take off the postage fee, but PLEASE arrange a collection date with Hannah prior to doing this. Your jewellery will not be made until a date is arranged, and can prolong the lead time
  • Can you make something I've seen online? Possibly, although I will not ever copy anything you will send me, I will take inspiration from the design and put my own twist on it if I know I can do it. Please don't be disheartened if I can't, as a lot of jewellery you'll see online is machine made and I don't own the equipment to do it. 
  • Do you fix existing jewellery that I own? 9 times out of 10-probably not, if you can send me an image of the piece you'd like me to fix and a short description of what you'd like me to do and I will let you know, if a piece of jewellery is sentimental-I don't like to run the risk of ruining it, sometimes the 'silver' isn't sterling silver so it's a no can do. 
  • Can you fix my jewellery that I bought from you? Yes you can, it’s free to fix your jewellery within the first 8 weeks, after that a small fee will be charged to alter any fixes.
  • Do you work with gold? Not at the moment, I have started introducing gold detailing in to my designs, but not as a base metal. I'm such a huge fan of silver and always have been that I'm not necessarily drawn it, but also haven't worked with it enough to be 100% comfortable yet.