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Hannah Megan Jewellery

Personalising Your Jewellery

I absolutely love personalising your jewellery wether it comes to names or certain gemstones that mean something to you, so please feel free to contact myself (*TIP: Instagram is your quickest way to get through to me). I can insert dates, I have symbol stamps: a heart, star, paw print and peace sign, and most jewellery will have a limit on the amount of words-so just bare that in mind! Look forward to hearing from you guys :).

Boring stuff: As a young business owner who runs this business by myself, I allow 2-3 weeks when making personalised/custom jewellery- to order/receive any materials, to make the jewellery and to post it to you. If you have a certain date that you need the jewellery by, please allow an extra week (so if it's a gift, please give me the date a week before the celebration date, and not the actual day of the celebration) as I cannot always guarantee how quick the material will arrive and how quick the post gets delivered (even though I always post through tracked first class with Royal Mail). Unfortunately no exceptions will be made with the time slots given.